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Queens Cosmetic Dentist

Our cosmetic dental staff is experienced in the latest technologies and cosmetic dental procedures. We can help you decide which of the many options will work best for your desired result. No matter what type of cosmetic dental procedure you are interested in, Dentist Queens offers you quality care in our patient-oriented state-of-the-art facility.

A sampling of cosmetic dentistry procedures include:

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is an excellent choice for repairing teeth that are cracked, chipped or stained. A painless procedure usually completed in one visit, cosmetic bonding uses your natural tooth as a foundation. The surface of the tooth is etched and then a bonding agent is applied, forming a base for a resin compound. Once the resin hardens, it is polished and shaped.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are sometimes called caps because they sit like a cap over existing teeth. Often used when a tooth’s root is still healthy but the tooth itself is decayed or damaged, the procedure for a dental crown requires two visits. We offer four types of dental crowns: porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, metal and resin. Our experienced staff will be happy to discuss the procedure with you and help you choose the right option for your dental needs.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges do just that … they bridge a gap between existing teeth. Bridges are an important part of cosmetic dentistry because missing teeth can have severe negative affects on your oral health. When teeth are missing, nearby teeth often shift, exposing the gums to the possibility of infection. Missing teeth also compromise speaking and chewing abilities. During the first visit, the teeth on either side of the gap are prepared to receive the bridge and impressions are taken. During the second visit, the bridge is fitted and adjusted for your comfort before being cemented into place permanently.


If you are looking for a state-of-the-art way to have your teeth straightened, Invisalign® is it. The procedure us performed by the orthodontists at Dentist Queens where a series of clear, soft, almost invisible aligners are bonded to your teeth. Gradually, the aligners shift the position of your teeth, resulting in straight teeth and an attractive smile.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a procedure that can give you a whiter smile in as little as an hour. During your visit, your teeth are cleaned and prepared for the laser-activated whitening agent.  The laser light is then applied, giving you immediate results. Queens Teeth Whitening can brighten your smile with one visit.

Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile® is a way to give you a beautiful smile without the expense of veneers, bridges or implants. Two office visits are required. During the first visit, an impression is taken and a color is selected. During your second visit, you will be fitted with your new Snap-On Smile® which, with proper care, can last up to five years.