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Queens Teeth Whitening

Our office is an excellent place to come when your decide to investigate Queens teeth whitening. Our treatment consists of using an ultra-violet light or a high intensity lamp with a bleaching gel. Your dentist will apply a protective coating to your lips and gums, followed by applying a special solution to your teeth. A special light is then directed towards the teeth, activating the bleaching agent. A treatment typically takes between 1 to 2 hours but it might be possible to obtain excellent results in as little as 45 minutes.

Using light and a bleaching gel typically works best when the stains are yellow to barely brown. Teeth that are stained dark brown to gray are harder to bleach because the color indicates that the stain is embedded deep within the tooth. While one treatment is all that is usually necessary for mildly stained teeth, multiple treatments are typically required for teeth with dark brown to gray stains.

Teeth that are badly stained and do not respond to the light and bleaching agent technique might be good candidates for a porcelain veneer or dental bonding. You should be aware though, that these procedures require multiple office visits and are more expensive than bleaching.

If you are interest in having a brighter, whiter smile, call Dentist Queens at (347) 625-6466 to discuss your options.